Look east, look west

If you haven’t noticed yet – I’m a pretty impatient person – which is why I take photos rather than paint. Every now and again, I wake up very early in the morning to get a sunrise shot.East west The above photo was taken sitting on the banks of the Zambezi river immediately above the Victoria Falls. I had already been there for more than fifteen minutes and…the sun takes AGES to come up. So I turned 180 degrees and took this one. It’s a pic of the ‘smoke that thunders…’East west Then, the sun crept up a little, so I took another one…East west And then I took another one looking west…East west I have literally hundreds of pictures of the same view – the sky slightly lighter, the sun ever so little bit higher! East west The following pics were taken in Gona re Zhou. Once again, I got up very early in order to catch the early morning light…and unlike on the banks of the Zambezi, I didn’t have to watch out for crocs. I still got bored although I won’t bore you with all the pics I took! East west So I turned the other way…and got these of the Chilojo Cliffs (sometimes called Clarendon Cliffs)East west The sun you see in the top photo shines on the cliffs and turns them into a lovely pink colour. I also like the shine on the sand in these photos.East westI I didn’t have to move very far to take these…our campsite was about three paces behind me! These photos are taken from our front door, again, east and west.East west West looking towards Bulawayo and 180 degrees -our garden…a sunset shotEast west Another pic taken from our garden, but early in the morningDawn on the Farm East west The next two photos, I had to work for…I had to climb to the top of the trig beacon. This lovely green one is looking West…(I have yet to climb up there before dawn – hey, I need my beauty sleep!)Bonnybrook Trig beacon-010 This was taken as the sun went down…the dark shadows stark against the green. East…Bonnybrook Trig beacon-021 And this (above) was the view west…


These are such lovely little creatures and excellent portraiture candidates!


I took these in Gona re Zhou. I love the shine on the grass. Impala

These two were taken very early in the morning, also in Gona re Zhou. We went there in June and yet all the game was in good condition.Impala

The light really shines on their golden coats…


These (below) were taken in Zebula (golf estate) Impala

It was wet and raining when I took this photo (above.) Poor little guys didn’t look very happy at all (maybe they didn’t like the babysitter!) The glory of a place like Zubula is you can ride right up to game on the cute electric golf cart…the animals are obviously used to gawping, camera toting golfers! Impala

I took the three following images in the Khama Rhino sanctuary in Serowe…Impala

The above photo taken at midday, the animals sheltering under the trees…Impala

I couldn’t resist putting this guy up in an early ‘portraiture’ post…he is lovely. Back in the day, on the farm, someone his age would be a candidate for the pot – a young male we used to call a ‘spikey!’ We had lots of them who hung about in stag herds and since they were not breeding age…


This last image was taken late in the evening in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary – I love the light…


Meet Snow…he is a (rather overweight) blue heeler who is visiting us for a while. He’s a little camera shy right now, but I’m sure he will get used to me! Snow

He has a black coat, with grey hair sort of interspersed – and the patch over his eye…

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Go Away…

Go’way birds are noisy creatures at the best of times. But this seemed all too much…flap, flapping outside my window. I heard that high pitched bark, from the dog. You know the one? It means I want to bite this thing, but I’m not sure if I should, or even if I’m allowed to!Goway Bird

Goway Bird

Now let me tell you, these birds are taking their lives in their hands – I’ve been known to lean out of the bedroom window, and .22 one right out of the tree for disturbing my afternoon sleep…Goway Bird

Ok now is cue for “Aww cute…” this little birdy clearly fell out of the tree Goway Bird

…and family are clearly not happy about it.Goway Bird

Thank heavens for the internet…I’m told …Grey Louries often leave the nest before they can really fly so hop about learning and their mums (and other helpers, feed them)…so just pick it up out of the way of the dog and wait and see…and sure enough, everyone came in turns to show it what to do…brought little morsels of food..Goway Bird

Now howz THAT for a feel good story? – The birds are fine, the dog got lots of attention, and I saved the planet! Albeit one go’way bird at a time…

Rain, glorious rain

There is always something very special about the rain here in dry Matabeleland…Storm clouds-002

I love it when the clouds build up, sometimes hang so low you can touch them! Rain clouds

There is nothing like that suspense – it’s electricRain clouds

This photograph is taken standing on our front lawn in Fort Rixon, although when a storm like this one moves over us and the lightening starts, its better to be inside than running about on the lawn!

Age shall not weary them…

Deep in the Matopos is a MOTH shrine dedicated to the people of this nation who fought in the Great Wars…Lest we Forget


It is very quiet here in the middle of the Matopos, and the shrine is shady and serene…my camera didn’t want to pick up the details under the trees…


MOTHBelow, the names of the black and coloured folk who lost their lives have been added to the shrine.MOTHMy grandfather served in both Great Wars and was very involved with the MOTH Shell-hole, Esigodini, a cute little retirement village. The characteristic Allied helmets are all around the shrine, on the gate, on this plaque…


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.Matopos





I took these pictures at the lunch area at Whitestone School in Bulawayo, the boarding school my kids attended…Lunch

The hostel has since closed , but my kids will forever be enriched from time they spent there. They loved it. The school is built in amongst granite outcrops, the indigenous trees left to grow unhindered by the school buildings.   The kids play in the little kopjies, where they find insects, birds, gecko’s…well all sorts. Lunch

Below is the tree overlooking the tea area. The matrons stood here and handed out Mazoe Orange juice and sandwiches. Now, it appears the only one eating lunch here are these cute little squirrels…Lunch

Church, in Graaf-Reinet

The first time I saw this church I loved it, but didn’t have a camera with me – we just whizzed past it on our way to the coast…so the next time, I made sure I took my camera along and stopped to capture this beautiful church.Church - Graaf-Reinet

It’s in the middle of town. We drove through on a Sunday, if I remember and the town was quiet.Church - Graaf-Reinet

I couldn’t get the it all in, no matter how hard I tried, the spire is just too tall.

Church - Graaf-ReinetIf that clock is to be believed, we were late and needed to push on. Please excuse the minibus in the foreground – it wasn’t a moving one – just PARKED there!

The next time we passed though Graaf-Reinet, it was dark!!! I had SO hoped to be there at sunset or at least with that lovely evening light, but we were just too late. Probably because I stopped too many times along the road earlier taking photos! So this is my effort:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaken from the roof of the bus! I couldn’t keep still in the blowing wind. I didn’t take any more when we passed back through, although I was tempted let me tell you! Instead I took this one from the view above the town…Amazing zoom on these cameras.

Church - Graaf-ReinetYep – from up here! That’s me, walking back from the dizzy edge, the town down there below.Church Graaf-Reinet