Pungwe River…

The Pungwe river runs through the Honde Valley. I passed several of these rope bridges on my journey – and I even walked to the middle of this one!!!! I’m scared of heights, so gave myself a pat on the back for intrepidity. (That means bravery/stupidity, for those of you who don’t want to get out a dictionary!)


They are rather wonky things – with the cable joined in several places.


I’m not used to rivers that don’t dry up in the winter and found the emerald green mosses and ferns fascinating.

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A short walk from where I left the car and it felt as if I were the only person around:


Pungwe River Bridge, in the Honde Valley, Zimbabwe.

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Hillside Dams…

Are two tiny dams constructed for Bulawayo’s water supply when the first settlers arrived here. Maintained by the council, there is a conservation committee of residents who do all sorts of things to promote the area for residents. Mostly indigenous trees and plants are planted. Trees (and some of them are HUGE) have reference numbers on them for identification.


The top dam usually holds water fairly well, but most of the time, the bottom one is empty. So it’s pretty dismal during the dry season. There is a little cafe/eating house, benches dotted about…



Over the years, stone walkways and steps up through the granite kopjies have been added.


With several inches of rain falling overnight, his cute river (above) turned into this…



People go there for walks (oh my…look at the size of that rottie!!!)

We took Ghost for some exercise – she LOVES swimming. Its the first time I’ve ever seen a dog that uses swimming for exercise! She will swim around and around, clearly pushing herself, then cool off, just sort of treading water and then, when she is rested, head off again! Looks like the rottie in the above pic could learn something from Ghost!

I took this pic on the way out…


More rain clouds! Yay!

Vintage Air Rally…

The Cyprus to Cape Vintage Air Rally landed in Bulawayo this morning and I was on hand to take some pics…


Although I know nothing about planes, I could appreciate the engineering! This rotary engine in particular.


This one had a wooden prop…if you look at the top one, its aluminum, which the owner told me, is original!


Great turn out from the vintage car society…


They parked artistically so we could take pics!!!



They will be here for a few days, but if you are interested, this is their website:


A few video clips I took at the Bulawayo Airport

Prince of Wales view…

This cliff overlooks the Forbes border post with Mozambique. We stopped at this place both on the way in:


And the way out:


Amazing the difference, isn’t it?


A better pic of Forbes Border post – with the ubiquitous cell phone tower (bane of my photographic life!)


This last, is an HDR, composite photo of the view from the Prince of Wales cliff:


Kariba at Binga…

Binga is on a ridge, and although the town doesn’t overlook the lake, there’s a road I found on the other side, that does.


I love the whispy trees along this section, although it does make taking pics difficult.


I’m guessing you can’t see much of these sand banks when the Lake is full. They make nice features now, though.


Can’t have a Lake Kariba post without a sunset, now can I?


Long long ago…

In a far away place…


There were kids who wore no shoes – ran free under the big blue skies, rode on the back of open vehicles, climbed trees and clambered over rocks.

Sure they got skinned knees, stubbed toes, occasional broken bones, but they were happy! They are still to be found, right here, in Matabeleland.


Africa is not for sissies!

I took this pic at a recent classic car event held in Bulawayo. All assembled in town and drove as a convoy to the Matopos. I got wonderful photos against the rocks. I cheated, used the sepia function, trying to recreate days gone by…


Matopos had roads built early on – Rhodes loved the place – and I can easily imagine in days gone by, a Model T Ford “runabout” like this one above, driving away!


This one (above) taken on the old strip road to Matopos.


The Model A, pictured above, a tough little guy – made it up this steep slope, near Maleme Dam with ease. (I ran DOWN this slope, following these cars with ease!!!)


On the Zambezi seems to be a social event and everyone joins in – birds, people, crocs!!!P1160757

Waste water from the fish farm enters the Zambezi here and it seems to attract fishermen of all kinds!

In this video, you can see the fish jump about when the croc moves:

Ive no idea what this bird is, but it sure can stay still for long enough. He was drying himself here after a mini dive!



This little kingfisher sits on an abandoned boat roof.


When Lake Kariba filled, trees were flooded and died, providing great subjects for sunset photography! Also pretty good perches for the many water birds found along the Zambezi.


This poor bird, featured above got caught up in a fisherman’s cast…Luckily for it, hooks are valuable things and the fisherman set it free.

Fish Eagle make the most awesome call – and the swooping, majestic flights over the water. They sit for hours on trees or other vantage points over the Zambezi, waiting for prey. I was told a story by the guy who helped me capture the video below – he said he saw a juvenile fish eagle riding on its parent’s back, learning how to fish! I’d love to catch THAT on video!


This video was taken on the Zambezi – not at Binga – a few kilometres upstream near Msuna..