Black and white, elephants…

Big Toms look-out at Robins Camp, Hwange National Park, allows nature lovers to get very up close and personal with wild animals. The viewing platform, built directly over the pan is accessed by a series of steep steps.

When the first elephant strolled up, I noticed we were hardly above his eye-level! Black and white elephantsWe arrived in the mid-morning and spent much of the day sitting watching the various animals drinking there.

Black and white elephants Black and white elephantsElephants are such good subjects for black and white photography. Black and white elephantsThis family group posed nicely for us:Black and white elephantsBlack and white elephants Black and white elephants

Rural homesteads

Rural HomesteadsI took all these pics driving through the Matopos, driving from Gulubaghwe to Silozwane Caves.Rural HomesteadsWomen carry water for miles in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. In the foreground of this pic is the resurrection plant.Rural HomesteadsIn a few months time, the field in the foreground of this pic will have maize sprouting. Its been a very dry year,  and people are desperate for good rains.Rural homes