I’ve found the best way to capture butterflies is to focus on a flower they are visiting and wait…but sometimes they flit in and out so quickly I cant press the shutter fast enough!

When I came to edit my photos, I came across this one…(above) and I just love it. Sans butterflies! I’m thinking to use it as a birthday card or add one of those inspirational quotes!

Herewith the butterflies!

Butterflies Butterflies Butterflies

All these images were taken with my new Panasonic FX1000 in our garden in Fort Rixon


Room with a View…

Room with a view

Taken just after sunset, when the sky is peach, the foreground usually comes out as a dark blob. This view from our front door is the first photograph I’ve taken of that view using the iHDR feature using my FZ1000 Panasonic.


Taken a few seconds later…