Hush little baby, don’t you cry…

I’m not the most maternal person in the world – hardly ever coo over baby cots – but this little guy, fast asleep nearby when I was recording a boring meeting was too much for me to resist.

WarrenI also tried out some of the features in the new processing software I have installed.WarrenHe woke up at some point! WarrenThe last two photos were taken using the setting especially designed for taking pics of babies!! Sort of fuzzy and soft!

Elephants in the Victoria Falls National Park…

ElephantUnlike in the Gona re Zhou, the elephants in the Victoria Falls National Park are a peaceful bunch. Sure they flapped their ears at us…

Elephants in the Victoria Falls National ParkWe still kept our distance though, especially when group had babies amongst them.

ElephantAlthough even when this little guy began his mock charges, the mummy just stood at the roadside crunching her Mopane leaves.ElephantI took a load of pics – I cant put them all up – but I can add the thumbnails!

Elephants  Elephants Elephants Elephants Elephants


P1070431-001It was cold on the banks of the Zambezi, but I wanted photos of the dawn above the Victoria Falls. This little guy was cold too! So were his brothers and sisters! Bee-eaterSince I don’t have the greatest zoom on my camera, I snuck up – snapping pics at every step…he wasn’t fooled…Bee-eater

Then he worked me out…”Photographer…no sweat!”



I’d like to say I took these photos somewhere exotic, but actually these buffalo were grazing where they usually do….on the side of the road, on the way back from the Victoria Falls National Park….Buffalo…taken after sunset!

BuffaloThe calves look a little cattle don’t they?

BuffaloBuffaloHe doesn’t look nearly as fearsome with a mouthful of grass as he does when he was peering through the bushes at us!

Mopane Trees…

Mopane TreeWe drove along this road in a quest for…’the other end of the road!’

We didnt find the end of the road, but I found a treasure trove of photos…

Mopane TreeA few weeks earlier, these Mopane Trees had green leaves and to be honest, they were pretty boring!

Mopane TreeThis area, the Matetsi Safari area about 20km from Hwange, has never been logged. So the only deforestators are elephants!  And you should see the size of some of the trees they knock down!

Mopane TreeMopane TreeMopane Treee


I love this photo…It could be a statue, made of bronze, maybe tungsten!

Statue?It’s a pic of the driller manning a compressed air borehole drilling rig. He has to stuff the bags (you see in the foreground) into the side of the hole, to stop it collapsing.

Until they hit water, the crew only use a face mask to stop the dust getting into their lungs, but when water is struck, they don the raincoat, gloves…boots!

This rock is very soft (and impervious to water) and makes mud rather than clean water until it has been flushed for some time.

I couldn’t resist messing about a little with this image…



This pic was taken driving back from a place called Hogo Plains in the Somabhula area of the Midlands. It was pretty dark when I took this photo – I’d already switched on my lights!

Hogo Plains

Intrigued by the name Somabhula, I found various derivations of the name: that it was the name of a local Chief (I heard his name was Somnambula.)

I also came across this: shamaburo, referring to a renowned elephant hunter of this name;  shama “wonder at” and buro – “the sharp stick used in a game pit”; alternatively, buru, corruption of the English word bull.

Who knows. What I DO know about Somabhula is that its flat, flat flat…except for this mountain range that sticks out of the flat plain!

SomabhulaIncidentally, we found water at Hogo Plains…lots and lots of lovely water!