Random rocks in the Matopos…

Random rocks in the MatoposP1030901


The road immediately opposite this jumble of rocks deteriorated until we had to get off and drive along a path!! A little interesting when a chasm dangles below your window! I like the little hole in between the rocks – looks something like someone grabbed them and crushed them up!




This last pic was taken at mid day climbing along a narrow track. It wasn’t hot, (by our standards, perhaps only 25 or 27 deg C) but I think the pic gives the impression of how it can sometimes be sweltering here in Matabeland, where the distance is obliterated by a blue haze.

It’s all in the light…


We crossed this stream twice – the first time at mid day (below). This one, (above) we took on the way back. In the late afternoon the light that shone so brightly in the morning was now hidden behind the hills

P1030843I’ve messed with the colours somewhat, to try to show HOW bright it was.


Mpopoma dam

Mpopoma Dam

Above are the picnic sites at Mpopoma Dam – we had them to ourselves!

Mpopoma Dam Mpopoma DamThe bird life is good around this dam…I saw a fisheagle, although didnt get a good enough pic…several water birds and a pied kingfisher.

Mpopoma Dam Mpopoma Dam

I took numerous pics of the dam, looking directly into the sun and tested out my first panorama feature on the TZ 1000

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

It has a long complicated Latin name!


But really hard to capture on a photo – I took hundreds to get these few..and I had no time to mess about with settings or anything – I hardly had time to press the shutter button before they were off again.

 African Hummingbird Hawk

I didn’t notice they have a long proboscis until I transferred the photos off the camera.

 African Hummingbird Hawk

They were hovering amongst a patch of Zinnia’s
 African Hummingbird Hawk