Hillside Dams…

Are two tiny dams constructed for Bulawayo’s water supply when the first settlers arrived here. Maintained by the council, there is a conservation committee of residents who do all sorts of things to promote┬áthe area for residents. Mostly indigenous trees and plants are planted. Trees (and some of them are HUGE) have reference numbers on them for identification.


The top dam usually holds water fairly well, but most of the time, the bottom one is empty. So it’s pretty dismal during the dry season. There is a little cafe/eating house, benches dotted about…



Over the years, stone walkways and steps up through the granite kopjies have been added.


With several inches of rain falling overnight, his cute river (above) turned into this…



People go there for walks (oh my…look at the size of that rottie!!!)

We took Ghost for some exercise – she LOVES swimming. Its the first time I’ve ever seen a dog that uses swimming for exercise! She will swim around and around, clearly pushing herself, then cool off, just sort of treading water and then, when she is rested, head off again! Looks like the rottie in the above pic could learn something from Ghost!

I took this pic on the way out…


More rain clouds! Yay!