Mtshabezi Dam…

We visited Mtshabezi (pronounced mmm cha bezi) Dam a while ago, and I noticed aloes on the road through the gorge. Since there are lovely aloes out all over Matabeleland, I thought it would be an idea to take pics there. None were out!!! But I couldn’t have picked a better day for a visit.


This first photo was taken on the (very bumpy) road over the gorge.


We  had the place to ourselves, other than a few civilised fishermen – instead of noisy motorboats! The weather was kind – bright sunlight at midday, and then the wind tailed off until the water was like glass in the evening.


A recent addition to Bulawayo’s water supply, Mtshabezi is a picturesque dam built in the 1990’s. It’s on the southern end of the Matopos about 40km from the Gwanda/Bulawayo rd.


I love the rocks sitting in the water.


Mtshabezi is almost full still, which is pretty good considering the rainy season was middling.


I’m thinking of carrying the canoe on top of the car so I can paddle further upstream – Ill get some lovely pics, I’m sure. Im reliably informed that there are no crocs or hippos in this dam. Hippo make quick work of canoes!


Vumba Botanical Gardens…


It was overcast and cold, the day we visited this awesome garden.


There were only a few other people, and I was able to amble slowly along the paths, savouring the atmosphere – the silence, the wonderful trees.





The water was like a mirror…





Love the cute little bridges…



There are benches everywhere..


And the trees…to die for!!!




Is a fishing resort on the Zambezi, where the river becomes Lake Kariba. I’m guessing ‘back in the day’ it was pretty rough and ready, since men don’t really worry about creature comforts when it comes to fishing. But now its really civilised, with air-conditioning and two swimming pools! We stayed here when we worked in the area earlier this year, so to spend quality “off-time” at chalet no 16 (which belongs to my sister) was special.

p1220536-001This view (above) is from the jetty. Kariba is very low at the moment and the banks, protruding from the water mess up my photos! This one is taken looking into the sun, so you cant see them.

p1220520These are taken at the swimming pool at dawn.



The ferry leaves from Mlibizi. I’m told its a magic trip, with game viewing and excellent food, (on my to do list.) If you look carefully in the next pic, you can see the ramp you have to reverse your car up! Mlibizi resort is hidden in that clump of trees behind the ramp.


p1220518The sunsets (and sunrises) over the water are stunning. I love to just sit on the bank (far away from crocs!) and enjoy the silence and that Zambezi smell, that has to be experienced. I cant describe it. p1220427_hdrThe first time we went out on the water, it was like glass. Totally still, no ripples disturbing the surface and it was hard to distinguish the sky from the reflection. That’s Zambia you are looking at in this pic (above.)

So if you want a fishing getaway for $25.00/day – ask for chalet 16!


ReflectionsOther than the obvious, such as this picture above, this word has many connotations for me.

This wonderful image taken by Elna Mok inspired me to look amongst my photos…

ReflectionsAnd stretch this word…Reflection.

Should all reflections be accurate, mirror images?…I think not. Just like a memory, I don’t mind if the image is longer, or blurrier..if the reflection is faded or sharp.


This dark mystery (above) duplicated, calls me

ReflectionsAnd this little guy – majestic beauty replicated…calls this lady!


Another man comes into the frame – rip up the canvas!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When I can’t tell where the reflection and the landscape meet – for me, that is the mystery


This photo (above) was taken at Lake Kariba, very early in the morning.Reflections

These two images were taken in South Africa crossing the Hartebeespoort Dam on our way home, very, very early in the morningReflections

A fly…on the windowReflections

Water droplets on petals reflect the background leaves…

This is quite a gross picture of my hand reflected in the iris of an eye…knuckles, trees, camera!ReflectionsThis one (below) I agree is not really a reflection…

Twinks I love this picture of Twinks…stalking… on the dining room table, late in the evening!

ReflectionsAnd what is this reflection?  A Japanese lady? Supplication? Certainly not a bowl of flowers.

Click on this link – it’s a video of a bird attacking its own reflection…


Ok, Ok. So, its refraction…sounds close enough to me. What I love about this picture is the irony…thats a gold mine there at the bottom of that rainbow…taken just below our bedroom window in Fort Rixon.

ReflectionsAre we not all reflected in our progeny? How many times have we seen little kids standing in the same posture as their dad’s…little reflectors!


“When I grow up…I wanna be just like my big sister…”ReflectionsAnd this (above)…this is my all time favourite picture of my brother in law.