Pigs and figs…


We crossed this stream on the way to a place called Kenkando. Only later, did we discover it is within walking distance…um not my walking distance, mind…of Kavanika – another of the churches where we had to look for water.


Love the little piggies!


I’m told they are a kind of fig… (the tree, not the piggies!)



Once again, Khama Rhino Sanctuary provided the experience of a lifetime and one I won’t forget. This time, we made sure we arrived in plenty of time for the sunset! I didn’t get a decent shot of the pan – its just too vast!

Pretty close to the road is a patch of salt that the animals appear to visit, lick at the rocks and move on. We parked closeby and watched them. Kudu, impala, warthog…wildebeeste.




and then…the rhino strolled into into the frame:



He checked us out…Rhino

Pooped on the other poop…


And then strolled away to the main pan…Rhino


I sat silent (for a change) as they walked past the car, and I swear, they creak, like a new leather saddle on a horse!

Tick birds…

When I was a kid there were tick birds all over the cattle – egrets in the grass. Then, they disappeared almost entirely when we were farming.

We sat watching this one, and the birds crawling all over him. He kept trying to chase them away…

Tick birds Tick birds Tick birds

This one had a full facial!

Tick birds