WoodpeckerI realise this photo is not that good, but considering it was taken in the wrong camera setting and out of the window, climbing the Montague Pass, I’m fairly happy with it.

We think they are Ground Woodpeckers, but are happy to be told otherwise..Woodpecker

They flew away, as a pair – just hopped off the ledge and swooped downwards, out of sight. I twisted round in my seat and took this one… WoodpeckerMostly there is only room for one vehicle, but we only passed a few! Montague is a ‘scenic’ pass, not one people use daily to go to work! It was worth the drive, but I would probably have had more fun if we were not in a borrowed (uninsured) vehicle! Montague PassLook at this cute old railway bridge – we sat there for some time and I photographed the flowers and rock features without panicking I was blocking the traffic!Montague PassFlowers – just growing up against the towering cliff faceMontague PassAnd water…just leaking out of the rocks.Montague PassIve no idea what this flower is – probably pretty common, but lovely none the less…Montague Pass



Sabi Star…

Sabi StarSitting waiting at Rupisi Springs while the guys tried to find a borehole site that didn’t have boiling hot water in it, I saw a flash of bright red…Sabi Star

I got out the car to investigate and found this magic flower…Sabi Star

This is what the plant looks like! I’m told some of these plants grow over head height – this one is about knee height…


VogelstruisleegteThese photographs were taken on the straightest, longest road I have ever driven on….somewhere in the Cape.Vogelstruisleegte

Stunningly beautiful views – if you are into the dark, arid aspects. There was no point in me taking pictures in the other direction – it was flat, flat, flat, for Idunnohowmany kilometers…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anglican Church, Knysna

Anglican Church, KnysnaI was driving down the road, watching the traffic carefully and nearly missed this lovely little church…It became too small it seems and a new one was built…(pictured below.)Anglican Church, Knysna

Knysna churchI love churches, especially old ones. Grave yards…stained glass windows. Not sure who this was, buried here…Anglican Church, Knysna

Two of my favorite things: Churches and trees…Anglican Church, KnysnaThis is inside the chapel…(the original church)Knysna Anglican ChurchSince I was in “Church photography” mode, I thought I’d best take this one:Knysna churchTaken from the garden of the “newer Anglican Church in Knysna…”