Monkey Thorn trees on the Umguza

The camel thorn trees are fantastic this year. This photo (above,) was taken on the Umguza River in the Nyamadhlovu area of Western Zimbabwe.

Here, I have taken the photo through the yellow flowers.

The rainy season is threatening, here in Matabeleland and as always we await it with hope!


Marula, although still part of the Matopos is a fair distance from where I live. For years, I have driven past this area and wanted to explore it. When I was offered the chance recently, I jumped at it!

Balancing rocks – and that lovely blue sky, so common in Mat’land. Although still winter, the weather was kind to me!

There are still winter colours showing – the golden grass, red and yellow foliage

Matobo Hills Lodge

Although I live in the Matopos, a break from cattle mooing and tractors starting up (and of course, getting up before sunrise!) is great and a visit to the Matobo Hills Lodge did the trick. This place is almost on our boundary and yet I had never been there!

Of course I still woke up before the sun came up!!!

I asked for a secluded cottage (which I got) and I was very impressed with it – but more so, the service. Their staff must be very well trained, because they picked up that I struggle with crowds and people and they didn’t bug me at all.

I get nothing at all out of fawning waiters – I paid for solitude and quiet and that is what I got.

Being in the Rhodes Matopos National Park, it means that one has access to the park – great for climbing and picnics with the knowledge that one has a very comfortable bed for the night!!

There are great views around the lodge too – however, being a neighbouring farmer, and knowing how poachers and honey thieves operate, I fear their lovely long grass is going to go woosh – the fireguards are just not wide enough!

The umkaya (acacia Galpinii) are about to flower – they are the red trees in the photos above.

This last series is taken very late in the evening up a rock behind the lodge – as usual, I have no idea which ones to choose, so posted them all!

I love the way the whole place has been built to fit in with the surroundings – using thatch and natural rock. This photo is of the entertainment area of the Lodge.

I had a wonderful getaway at Matobo Hills Lodge – big thanks to Clive who assisted me with my rather heavy luggage and all the staff who were unobtrusive but available.

I highly recommend this lodge to anyone visiting the Matopos.

I lost my mummy, wha ha ha ha!

Our cows with small calves, on Anglesea Farm, are kraaled every night. If we don’t, leopard eat them.

The mums, very sedately walk into the kraal (about a kilometre from where they graze.) But the little calves think its a ball!

After lying around all day (usually a group of up to 10 calves with a couple of “nanny” mums to supervise them,) they gambol about, happy to be moving.

This poor little guy lost his mummy for a while; found himself all alone, and came bulleting through the gate when he heard her call!