Is my name…and I don’t like go’way birds!


I chase them – me on the ground, them squawking and flapping in the trees.


Up there, in the branches….somewhere!


And then they fly off…off to another tree in the garden


“Security is my name, security is my game…”

Early one morning…

Just as the sun was rising!


The blue in this image (above) is special!


The tree on the extreme right is a wild olive. I soak the leaves in alcohol to make a tincture – a few drops daily works wonders as an immune boost. The wood, when mature, has the most incredible colours and texture – great for carving, wood turning or even garden decoration.

The squiggly one is a Marula and saved my husband’s life during the war when the house was bombed. If it were not for this tree, standing in the way, the first rocket would have gone through the lounge window and his chances would not have been very good.


Both of these, pictured above, are of knobby thorns. Zoomed in on those grasses (below!)


Seems its too early for the birds at the bird-bath!


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