Nswazi, overlooking Mbalabala…

NswaziExcuse the ugly cell phone masts – just can’t get away from them, hey?


Rural homes in the communal lands…comfortable, cheap and with a very small ‘carbon footprint.’

NswaziWe did three borehole surveys in this area – lets hope we were successful – water can be very short here in the winter months and people walk for miles with buckets on their heads…

Modes of Transportation…

The roads in the Makaya’s or Communal Lands, are not the best and traffic is sparse. People walk, or catch a ride on a scotch-cart…

Modes of TransportationThe above pic is taken in the Mbalabala area driving towards Nswazi.

Modes of Transportation

Women carry enormous weights on their heads, often for long distances. Water, buckets of mealie-meal…firewood. They start young too!

Modes of Transportation

Modes of Transportation

Boys, I see, are a little more techno friendly!!!

Modes of Transportation

A sort of “push-me-pull-me” going on here!

Modes of TransportationThe photos were all taken in Nswazi when we were looking for boreholes for the Seventh Day Adventist Church – they are building a whole load of churches throughout the country. Lets hope they get water here – its pretty dry generally.


1956 Ford Prefect

Driving through Nswazi communal land, looking for views of the magnificent Matopos, I found this:

1954 Ford PrefectJust goes to show its all in the light. A day or two later, I passed back that way, and hardly noticed this old wreck!

Often I’m driving when the light is best: early morning and late evening. We do borehole surveys, and on many occasions have our clients with us in the car! Hardly professional to stop and take photos on their coin! (Although our Matabele clients are usually the most casual of fella’s and love looking at the photos!)

This image, however, was taken in very bright mid afternoon sun!

Surveying for boreholes is often boring work (for me!!) and I HAVE to find myself something to do! I simply can’t sit still! If Im not tramping about looking for photo opportunities, I prop my laptop on the steering wheel and write! I did most of the editing of Silk Threads this way!

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Maleme Dam Wall…

Maleme Dam Wall

Maleme Dam is in the Matopos. I can’t help but take a photo each time I cross over the wall/bridge and then I HAVE to take a photo in the other direction…the jumble of rocks is so classic! I have this view taken on all my cameras!

Maleme Dam Wall

It always looks as if its going up hill – but it isn’t! This is downstream from the dam! This pic taken through the passenger window…Maleme Dam Wall

Maleme dam has huge rocks all around it.

Maleme Dam Wall

The above is the same view taken after dark