I lost my mummy, wha ha ha ha!

Our cows with small calves, on Anglesea Farm, are kraaled every night. If we don’t, leopard eat them.

The mums, very sedately walk into the kraal (about a kilometre from where they graze.) But the little calves think its a ball!

After lying around all day (usually a group of up to 10 calves with a couple of “nanny” mums to supervise them,) they gambol about, happy to be moving.

This poor little guy lost his mummy for a while; found himself all alone, and came bulleting through the gate when he heard her call!

Nkone cattle coming in to the kraal in the evening…

We are having to kraal our cattle on Anglesea these days. If we don’t, the leopards pick them off, one by one. We feed them (the cows, not the leopards) a little, to entice them to come back to the kraal.

I just LOVE this photo (above). I think it will make a lovely print.

All my photos can be printed out in large size (A2) – just send me an email on forfrankiekay@gmail.com if you would like to hang one on your wall.

This last photo is one of my favourites – I love the mum looking for her calf, and of course, the cow with horns in the foreground. She is such a typical Nkone.