I took these pictures at the lunch area at Whitestone School in Bulawayo, the boarding school my kids attended…Lunch

The hostel has since closed , but my kids will forever be enriched from time they spent there. They loved it. The school is built in amongst granite outcrops, the indigenous trees left to grow unhindered by the school buildings.   The kids play in the little kopjies, where they find insects, birds, gecko’s…well all sorts. Lunch

Below is the tree overlooking the tea area. The matrons stood here and handed out Mazoe Orange juice and sandwiches. Now, it appears the only one eating lunch here are these cute little squirrels…Lunch


8 thoughts on “Lunch…

  1. Nature is amazing – we can sit and watch for ages…. Trees are amazing too. I love hugging them. My gorwn daughters have a fit. I stand in awe of trees. They survive against all odds.

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