Rain, glorious rain

There is always something very special about the rain here in dry Matabeleland…Storm clouds-002

I love it when the clouds build up, sometimes hang so low you can touch them! Rain clouds

There is nothing like that suspense – it’s electricRain clouds

This photograph is taken standing on our front lawn in Fort Rixon, although when a storm like this one moves over us and the lightening starts, its better to be inside than running about on the lawn!


17 thoughts on “Rain, glorious rain

    • Me too – I cannot resist taking photos of the rain – most of them don’t come out! These ones, I can almost feel my hair rising!
      I love the lightening and thunder, the smells of rain! I love getting wet in the rain.

      • I don’t know if you have ever experienced an African Storm – even though I come from here, I never fail to get excited by them – the heat build up, the wind immediately before the sheets and sheets of rain, the thunder that makes you want to hide under the bed – the lightening that pulls the hair on your arms up – and the smell of the first rains…I cant describe it, it has to be experienced – but you have to have been through eleven months of scorching dry heat to appreciate it fully! Come to Africa, nothing beats it!

      • You describe it very nicely! Sounds like a real storm! Unfortunately I have never been to Africa 😦 But surely want to visit it in the future!

        Kind regards ,

      • Loved the ones through the windscreen – its very hard to capture actual rain! Clouds, threatening rain, yes – but the actually drops – no. Yet on the glass it works very well

      • I find all water fascinating. It feeds the earth (and us) yet in ways it can be very destructive. It has many shapes and colours. It can be cold and warm. Some want lots of it and others have to much. Maybe I should go to bed….water on the brain or something – sleep safe your side xx

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