It had just rained in Filabusi when we went there to do a borehole survey. Driving along I saw this red flower right near the road. I couldn’t resist stopping.

I’m told the bulbs of this plant can be used to cure gangrene?



2 thoughts on “Pompom…

  1. They are pretty amazing how they pop up. We always used to see them on the farm at Lake Mac, specially after a bush fire had gone. They broke through, almost as a symbol of things going to come green again. I also saw them last year in Kruger park, where a fire had gone through a few weeks before. The blackened earth with a vibrant red catching ones eye.

    • I don’t think this area had been burned, but it had certainly rained …Ive always loved these plants- we always knew where they grew on the farm and it was a delight to see them at the beginning of the rains

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