Go Away…

Go’way birds are noisy creatures at the best of times. But this seemed all too much…flap, flapping outside my window. I heard that high pitched bark, from the dog. You know the one? It means I want to bite this thing, but I’m not sure if I should, or even if I’m allowed to!Goway Bird

Goway Bird

Now let me tell you, these birds are taking their lives in their hands – I’ve been known to lean out of the bedroom window, and .22 one right out of the tree for disturbing my afternoon sleep…Goway Bird

Ok now is cue for “Aww cute…” this little birdy clearly fell out of the tree Goway Bird

…and family are clearly not happy about it.Goway Bird

Thank heavens for the internet…I’m told …Grey Louries often leave the nest before they can really fly so hop about learning and their mums (and other helpers, feed them)…so just pick it up out of the way of the dog and wait and see…and sure enough, everyone came in turns to show it what to do…brought little morsels of food..Goway Bird

Now howz THAT for a feel good story? – The birds are fine, the dog got lots of attention, and I saved the planet! Albeit one go’way bird at a time…


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