Jacaranda Trees in Bulawayo…

Jacaranda Trees in BulawayoTaken in SuburbsJacaranda Trees in BulawayoIts pretty early in the morning  – so hardly anyone is aboutJacaranda Trees in BulawayoJacaranda Trees in BulawayoAbove pic is  Leopold Takawira Ave heading into town, the Centenary Park on either sideJacaranda Trees in BulawayoJacaranda have very intense coloured flowers – I love the black in this one.Jacaranda Trees in BulawayoHere a bougainvillea has intertwined with the jacaranda, producing this mass of colour


9 thoughts on “Jacaranda Trees in Bulawayo…

  1. Nature is amazing – when things can look down and sometimes difficult, up pops the blazing colours to remind us this is a fantastic world we live in. As kids on the farm we used to leap on the flowers to make them pop – mostly with shoes after we all got stung from the bees in them. My brother decided to remove mums table cloth from the table, put it round his shoulders, a makeshift crown on his head & sailed around acting on his royal carpet of purple petals….. What he didn’t realise was mum had put the poorly bull Charlie Brown in there to get better. This kid leaping around, yelling like a banshee with a flowing clock was to much for Charlie, he pawed the ground and headed off after Mike. Mike managed to scale a Jacaranda tree but mums table cloth was mushed & torn. Charlie was put back in his paddock and Mike cleaned the dairy for a week. 🙂

    • I tried to get the jumping on jacaranda in my book, Silk Threads – but it was one of the passages I had to cut…mmmm now I come to think of it! Ill put something in this new one!  This is a lovely story and so typical of us farm brats hey? Ive never been chased by a bull, but our son was picked up by a mummy Nkoni cow, protective of her calf. Caught up in her horns, she came towards me and I just plucked him off – he was not amused, I tell you! 

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