Farm Fences…


This photo is taken at “Oudeplaas” Farm


Windy Night…


This dead tree is in the driveway, and looked very dramatic with clouds scudding across the sky behind.  The wind was blowing SO hard, I struggled to hold the camera still. This is my first effort at long exposure night photography – ably assisted by my brother in law – to be honest, all I did was press the time delay shutter!!!


Taken earlier of the moon rise over the sea.


Slightly different angle…but I don’t like the strong light from the left in this photo


Telephone wires and transformers…


“Cultural Interference” is what I usually call telephone wires and pylons. I can hardly take a photo these days without a cell phone tower intruding somewhere. But I feel in the above pic, that the telephone wires enhance the impression of distance. Its so very hard to show the endless straight roads we drive on in Africa.

Telephone wires and transformersThe above pic was taken in the late afternoon, looking directly into the sun…and Im surprised the camera managed to do anything at all with all that light…our big problem was the “cultural interference!” No matter where we went, there were cables…I eventually hid behind the plant on the right, and only one wire…The pic below was taken shortly after…

Telephone wires and transformers


The sun on the left in the above photo…I also managed to hide behind a tree to take it…

And in the photo below…it hasn’t come up at all (hey, I’m allowed to boast when I get out of bed before sunrise!)

Telephone wires and transformers

The wind farms in the Eastern Cape are pictured above. Each tower is fitted with a red flashing light that doesn’t bother me that much – I was brought up in an age when a red flashing light was a helicopter or something exciting like that!


Moulds and things…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove the dank smell of stagnant water. It’s almost un(smelled) of in dry, dry Matabeleland. And the misty rain of course! I think the red things are a kind of sundew, similar to the ones I discovered high up in the Matopos recently.


I admit to trying to be clever in the above photograph. I’m practicing my ‘focusing’ and what I wanted to achieve came off in this shot. The wide focused one is pretty boring so I didn’t post!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThings mould in the Tsitsikama Forest – its wet and fungi like these love it here as do mosses and ferns…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeaven only knows what this is – or if its edible!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the white against green in this pic…


St Francis Bay, South Africa

Santareme SFBSt Francis Bay is an upmarket resort town in the Eastern Cape. We can only visit because we have relatives who live there and we can bum off them for a few weeks. (Below is the view from my brother-in-law’s balcony.)P1000718

Recently, I discovered a couple of my FB friends live in SFB and they were the incentive for me to visit again. Being the “poor relative” palled on us long ago!


The houses are huge, the yards tiny. A sea view is a must, and without one, your property is of less value. Directly in front of one of the houses our relatives own here, is a garden, set aside to maintain the natural vegetation found in the area. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cute little benches are dotted about – great for communing with nature!



Little paths…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have never visited here in August and consequently missed the best time: no Vaalies to be seen, and magic fynbos out in flower.