Nkone Cattle

Each coat pattern has a different name in isiNdebele, and if the animal has horns, they too all have names. Back in the day, when the Matabele lived in regiments, this coat pattern, “Inhlekwane,” was favoured by the Isiziba regiment.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of coat patterns. Nkone cattle usually have a dark skin (even if they have lighter hair colours) and must have a black nose, and black pigments around their eyes. These cattle are hardy and have to withstand high temperatures

Two bulls on Anglesea, “butting things out!” (Above)

This is a group of in-calf cows, just hanging out near the water trough. Those horn shapes are mostly Umdhlodhloma, according to John Brownlee, a researcher who wrote a booklet about the various horn shapes and coat colours.

Figtree Road…

There is this amazing kopjie in a paddock called “Figtree Road,” on Anglesea farm. At sunrise AND sunset, the sun shines into the cave under this pointy rock, making it look as if its on fire. This photo was taken in the early morning.

This photo (above) was taken in the afternoon.

This looks like a lizard’s mouth!

I love this view towards the homestead from the kopjie. There is a nice walk along a sand road – the dogs LOVE running here:

Of course, you cant leave without me foisting a photo of a tree upon you!!!

A classic flat-topped tree!

I leave you with this very interesting pastel sort of photo taken at the bottom of the kojie.