Panasonic FZ1000

Yup – that is my new camera! And, since this blog is a journey of my photographic life – I thought I should post the first pic ever taken using this camera.


I am a VIP – a Very Impatient Person – I took this one (above,) a few short minutes after collecting it – driving along the M1 overlooking Johannesburg! Not my normal thing, but a camera that can produce photos like this one, should be OK to take a Rhino!

This one below is my favourite pic taken along that stretch…


Its almost Mondrian!

This camera was given to me by Nicholas Bishop, whom I met on FB!! He liked my photographs, but bewailed my…um….substandard camera! (Nic is much more straight up than that!)

He was in Mozambique at the time, recovering from a (botched) back operation…I suppose if you are stinking hot, lying in a dark room (power cuts in Beira) for hours with only FB on your phone, you will manage to get a word in edge-ways in a conversation with me!

Attempting the back op again, now in Harare, Nic came to visit me! He was the first FB friend I had met in the flesh – and I admit to being a little concerned…I picked him up at the Byo airport and …he was EXACTLY how I imagined him…It was such fun – we went to as many of the ruins we could fit in: Nalatale, Khami, DhloDhlo and Regina – he came to the farm to see the ‘famous’ view that is featured over and over on this blog…

He told me he was desperately unhappy and wanted to get married. Since his efforts so far had resulted only in a drain to his pocket, I told him I should suss out the girl first  – you know, ask pointed questions…dig around a bit…

As it turns out, his choice had suffered much the same abuse and she too wanted to know all about Nic. I ‘spoke’ to her on FB – told her Nic is an all round nice guy, solid and dependable, one who will never let her down…

And she believed me…a FB friend of Nic’s who uses a pen name!

They were married in Bali at the end of December and they brought this camera back for me as a wedding present…


And I’m speechless…



Look at the bird in this photo – taken while driving along the highway, believe it or not!


A HUGE thanks to Nicholas and Novie Bishop –