Upper Ncema Dam…

…a ¬†Bulawayo water supply dam, is near Esigodini.

After one of the best rainy seasons EVER, all the dams in the usually arid Matabeleland, are full, Upper Ncema included. Mostly, this dam is used to hold water which is let downstream to top up the lower one, where the water is treated before being pumped to Bulawayo.


Its much nicer to have lunch next to a full dam, than a brown puddle.


Some trees have grown, pretty tall in the meanwhile.


I sincerely apologise to the people who follow my blog who don’t come from Bulawayo, or another arid region. Just, us Matabele are SO happy when it rains, and full dams just make our day. Or rather, our year!

Oh…all that blue, blue water!

We’ve been told that even if we don’t get a drop of rain for another five years, we will still have enough water for Bulawayo. Whew, nice to know!