Windy Night…


This dead tree is in the driveway, and looked very dramatic with clouds scudding across the sky behind.  The wind was blowing SO hard, I struggled to hold the camera still. This is my first effort at long exposure night photography Рably assisted by my brother in law Рto be honest, all I did was press the time delay shutter!!!


Taken earlier of the moon rise over the sea.


Slightly different angle…but I don’t like the strong light from the left in this photo



The Supermoon…

If I’d kept up with the news more, I would have made some effort to get out somewhere special to take pics of the Supermoon…P1220729.JPGLuckily someone got hold of me to let me know about it!

I DID get out there when it was fairly low in the sky. This is taken through the bare branches of a jacaranda tree on the roadway outside our house in Suburbs.

P1220730.JPGIt was a “dark and stormy night…”


I thought the red reflection that wobbled about would mess up my pics, but actually, it enhanced several of them.


And this one, (above) is weird – I don’t know if I moved the camera at the last moment, but it almost looks like a painting (OK, like one of MY paintings!!!)


I think this last one is probably the best “Super-Moon” photo – huge behind the jacaranda tree.

All photos taken in Suburbs, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe