Lumeni Falls…


The views from Lumeni are varied, the dense tree cover providing shade for most of the walk.



Lumeni Falls overlook Nswazi.



The stream disappears under a heap of boulders for a couple of hundred metres and then almost immediately plunges off the edge of a huge boulder.


Above is where it comes out of the boulders.


And tumbles over the edge…


Our guide for the climb…




Matopos Views…


The tree on the left is locally called an “ihabahaba tree.” Monkey Bread tree (English name) is high in protein and can be collected and milled for cattle feed. With the very good season we’ve had, these trees are laden.


I love the tree colour that matches the rock above.


This photo was taken near to Zhilo school near Lumeni Falls.


Mostly the road in the Matopos keep to valleys, until they cant! Then they go through kopjies.




People walk far with large loads on their heads.



Wet Road…

Its rained a lot this year (unusual for Matabeleland!) This is a photo of the road we took to get to Lumeni Falls in the Matopos:


Yup – its that green! Unusual for arid Mat’land!) I had to keep to the right, skin next to the bolder to avoid a sharp drop near the fence.


This usually seasonal pool is still full of water!


This is at the top of Lumeni Falls – I love the huge bolder, balanced right at the edge – I wonder when it will topple over? I million years? One hundred?


Bulawayo’s best kept secret – Lumeni Falls

Lumeni Falls -006Lumeni Falls are in the Matopos – in the communal land south of the National Park. They don’t run all year round, and the view from there is spectacular. There are no signposts and the road is pretty horrendous…

The climb to the falls is fun – the last time we went, it was a lovely day: it rained and for a Matabele, rain is everything. Our (New Zealand) guest was impressed that it rained at all!

Lumeni Falls -007

The rocks are massive…the water disappearing for a time, before roaring out from under rounded boulders.

Lumeni Falls -005

I swear this rock should fall off with a gentle shove…mmm look at the next photo – it’s the same rock on the left. Maybe a little more than a shove!

Lumeni Falls -008

From the falls, you can see hills around Gwanda…far, far in the distance
Lumeni Falls -002

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I climbed down along a goat path. This is the view looking back up…see the tiny people?

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I took two pictures of trees at Lumeni…

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