Black Eagle…

We see lots of these huge birds in the Matopos, but usually from a distance. They swoop down from the top of huge boulders to snatch up dassies. They have a very distinctive white Vee on their backs which shows up very well, even when they are flying on thermals. P1290270

This one, at Zebula, was rescued from a nest in a power-line and then kept in a box until rescued again.


The plan is to teach all the birds of prey, using falconry techniques, to hunt for themselves and finally be rehabilitated into the wild. In the mean time, people will be lucky enough to see (and photograph) them up close.


This photo above is taken just before she launched herself onto Gareth, (the handler’s) glove.P1290258

Gareth was full of interesting information about the birds (which I hope I don’t get hopelessly muddled!)