A short walk in one of the dairy paddocks, on Anglesea Farm, Matopos

My walk begins with this beautiful view right near the dairy! The very early morning light makes interesting patterns on the ground.

I took a slight deviation up a kopjie – following this path:

The early morning mist was just being burnt away by the sun.

I spied a grove of Mopane Trees and decided to walk there (they are the orange coloured trees in the middle distance.) Below is a gallery of the pics I took on the way:

I hope you enjoyed my early morning walk in “Ramp” Paddock on Anglesea. If you enjoyed your visit, please click the FOLLOW button here on my blog to receive new posts in your in-box.

7 thoughts on “A short walk in one of the dairy paddocks, on Anglesea Farm, Matopos

  1. Hi Frankie.
    Through your photos and writing I can continue to delight in the wonder of the Matopos where I spent my childhood days.
    Thank you.

  2. A magnificent set of photographs, Frankie, crisp, clear and beautifully composed. Thank you for sharing these sights with us.

  3. Hi Frankie. Love your blog. I look at it twice a day. Once on my cell phone, then again later on my computer. All you pictures are so lovely. Love the lone tree on the kopjie and the Mopani’s in the distant shot especially today.
    Have a marvellous day and enjoy your walkabouts.
    Try and get your fur friend to pose some more. Love it when he is in a shot now and again.
    Bye for now.

    • Thank you, I do. I try to appreciate it as often as possible, cos hey, life is not a rehearsal! I do get annoyed when “life” gets in the way of my enjoyment of the bush on Anglesea

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