Nkone cattle…

When the European settlers arrived in Africa, they found indigenous cattle here already. Crossed with exotic breeds, they produced animals with hybrid vigour. Unfortunately, the original stock became diluted over time. Thankfully, small pockets of pure lines were kept (mostly on research stations,) and the Anglesea Nkone cattle developed from one of these.

I love this little lady – she has such lovely markings – I love her eyebrows – its almost as if she is wearing make-up! These cattle are very tame and handleable, and this one in particular comes over to talk to me when I visit the herd. Of course all cattle on Anglesea are individually marked, with tags, brands and tattoos and we keep track of them (ie medicines administered, monthly weights, calving dates and to whom they were bulled,) in a database.

8 thoughts on “Nkone cattle…

  1. There is something wonderful and “mind-freeing”, being amongst cattle, they are generally at peace, with themselves and the World. (Exceptions accepted) .

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