Elephant feeding…

In the dry season, the interior of Mana has no surface water, forcing animals who need to drink daily, onto the relatively small area near the river. The elephants here at Mana have learnt to get at the very top of trees in a novel way.

I came across this elephant, right next to the road and he showed me how!


First, he sort of sniffed at what he wanted to eat – waaaay up in the tree! He moved around a bit, obviously getting the right angle…


And then he stood up on his hind legs…


And pulled down the branch he wanted.

He munched on this for a while and then repeated the activity! He totally ignored me and I was able to watch him for an hour or so, and even got a few close-ups



7 thoughts on “Elephant feeding…

  1. Reblogged this on John's Space ….. and commented:
    If you’re not following FrankieKay you are missing some great photos of Africa and its wildlife in her home region of Zimbabwe. Her series during October on the Mana Pools has been spectacular, with its unusual morning light and abundant animals. She’s a heckuva’ story and novel writer too. Check it out.

    • Many thanks – Mana Pools has been on my “wish-list” for so long – Id last been in there in 1991. Im told this year, it’s in the grip of a dreadful drought with the pools drying up and ellies dying.

    • It is really cool. I love the way the elephant moves a very tiny bit – just repositioning itself until its in exactly the right place for it to be able to grab on to a branch. They concentrate so hard on what they are doing, that they dont appear to notice me taking photos. Thank you to John for sharing!

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