African Road-trip…

I recently drove to Mana Pools via Kariba! Generally, our main roads in Zimbabwe are good; wide tar with few potholes. Once off them, its just pot-luck!

Leaving Bulawayo, we drove behind this poor chap, perched right on top of the bus. I’ve seen many things up there, including household furniture, maize bags, scotch-carts and once, a donkey.



Taken through the windscreen, this photo (above) is the  approach to Maabwe fishing camp. It was taken through the windscreen because outside, the temperature was about 40 degrees C!!!


I didn’t recognise the road in the above photo, because the last time we drove on it, we could hardly make out where exactly the road was! I certainly couldn’t bomb along at the speed I did this time.


Still in the Zambezi Valley, this is the road to Chizarira. The going was slow and the tsetse flies murder, if I opened the window. I spent the night up there, on the escarpment.

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This slide-show displays photos I took while on the long drive to Kariba.


Coming off the escarpment into the Zambezi valley again, I could feel the heat each time I opened the window.


There is something about technology – the scar on the African landscape. These are the power-lines that carry electricity from Kariba hydro-electric power station and the maintenance road that runs along it.

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And yet on the way to Mana Pools the road builders just couldn’t bear to cut the baobab trees down – instead the road goes around them…




15 thoughts on “African Road-trip…

    • Mmm hard to say exactly because each time one stops to take a photo it takes time- esp to get exactly the right shot. I left Milibizi and went to Maabwe (pretty close by) then went to Chizarira for one night. I left there before sunrise and arrived in Charara at about 2.30 in the afternoon. I left for Mana Pools the following morning early

  1. Sounds like a 2 day trip with a quick stopover in Chizarira more or less – although I would want to stop all over the place too! I recall folks saying the road made it almost impossible, I’m glad to see that’s improved.

    • I’d heard the road into Matusadona was not a viable option, but when I went past, I saw it had been graded – so you cant believe reports, and the condition of the roads change depending on the season and if they national parks get their graders out! I would have gone to Matusadona if Id known the road was ok. I chose not to spend too long in Chizarira because the last time we went, I was disappointed, both with the condition of the facilities and also the lack of game. Everything we saw was from the rear end – and moving away fast – that was in 2009 at the height of the poaching in our parks. We also visited Matusadona then, and again, the game was all shot out – the photos were awesome though – esp the Kariba sunsets!

  2. I’d forgotten about Matusadona, wow that could actually be a seriously epic trip – Mlibizi to Mana, or the other way around… Mana, Matusadona, Chizarira, Mlibizi… and on to Hwange… and Vic Falls…!!! With good game management and somewhat decent roads that would be an INCREDIBLE route!

      • I always tell visitors to Zim – go around the outside of Zim – Hwange, Vic Falls, Milibizi/Binga Matusadona Chiz – Kariba, Mana, Nyanga Chimanimani, Gona-Re-Zhou – and of course, Matopos which is a little bit in the interior

    • Nothing like a road trip through Zim – its beautiful and the people are too. Our game parks are a little denuded, but they do seem to be coming up. Now the endless roadblocks are gone, its a pleasure to drive on the roads.

  3. Enjoyed these especially the bus. Miss those African scenes. We are so PC over here and H&S a nightmare that we never have those. Hope Mr on top Bus got where he was going.

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