Farm Fences…


This photo is taken at “Oudeplaas” Farm


2 thoughts on “Farm Fences…

  1. Hi Frankie, Keep your wonderful photos flowing of our beloved country. I have been following our post for some time now and cannot wait for the next one. My computer crashed just a few days ago and I lost all the photos I have been collecting from your posts. I will now have to go back and download them from the beginning. This I can do but some time ago you sent me a whole batch of Bushman paintings which you had collected over the years. I have also over the years collect photos of all wild life,plants and flowers of our beloved country and now all gone. Kindly send me your Bushmen photos once a gain and I will ensure I back them up as my faith in computers has taken a server knock. Have a good day and happy photography to you and yours.

    Piet van zyl.

  2. I certainly will – its a terror of mine, that I’ll lose all my photos! I too lost a computer, but the hard disc was Ok and I managed to recover my photos – unfortunately I lost most of the tags, so searching all 25K of them is a challenge – luckily I can still remember when they were taken, so can find them reasonably easily. This photo (and any taken when I’m away on holiday) is not taken in Zimbabwe – and I would like some feedback on whether they are as appealing as the Zim ones – I often wonder if people like my photos because they are of “home”

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