C J Rhodes’ stables…

Just outside of the REPS school grounds is this wonderful old building:


C J Rhodes lived on top of a hill a short distance away. His house is no longer there, but this stable block remains. Built with huge granite boulder foundations and red brick above, its stood for more than one hundred years.



It needs renovating now – the sash windows are in a sad way, and the staircase has rotted away. The top deck is made of solid teak and I think the winch, for hauling stockfeed up, is still all there.


It seems Rhodes’ horses lived well! As a kid, I knew a man who insisted he had been alive in Rhodes’ time. He reported that Rhodes didn’t ride very well – probably why he wanted to build a railway all the way through Africa.



A short distance away are the Matopos Research Centre buildings – also old colonial style:







2 thoughts on “C J Rhodes’ stables…

  1. Excellent Frankie. There is a book titled “In pursuit of the King” it is supposedly the most accurate and factual report of the days prior to, during, and after the Shangani patrol, and all the resulting consequential outfall. In that book, there is a vivid description of a very untidy Mr. Rhodes riding a horse in the brand new Bulawayo. Rhodes is described as giving the appearance of “falling from the horse” rather than riding it.
    Many loved Rhodes, many hated him.

    • The old bokkie I mentioned in the post lived in the bottom part of the Matopos – nearer the Esigodini side than REPS. He said he looked like an egg would perched on top of a horse! The guy I knew always wore a felt hat tipped up on one side and he still had his military clothes from the wars – although pretty tattered when I knew him. I didnt really believe him about knowing Rhodes cos he would have to have been ancient – hope never picked that up!

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