Diana’s Pools…


Named after the wife of the first “Native Administrator” for the area, Diana’s Pools are a series of natural pools in the Matopos.


As children we sat on plastic fertilizer bags and slid down the rocks. They get quite slippery with green slime, later in the season and one can end up going at some speed towards the end!



There are camping sites along the bank – its lovely for a braai lunch here, and equally nice to spend the night. Its a great place for kids to explore on their own.


This kopie (above) is a great one for the more experienced climbers.


We walked down to the orbicular granite (its not that far from the pools and lazy me went most of the way in the car!!)




2 thoughts on “Diana’s Pools…

    • Well, you need to pass through Esigodini to get there. Also, I think they are in the Umzingwane District whose administrator is based in Esigodini.

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