Befuddled Bird…

This egret looks confused. (As kids, we called them ‘tick birds’ because they are always to be found near grazing cattle.)


I took these two pics at Borrowdale Race Course in Harare recently. Its been raining and raining, here in Zimbabwe and the gallops are flooded.


Usually white, they all looked pretty grubby and no amount of cleaning (or hiding under his wing,) is going to help until it dries up some.


5 thoughts on “Befuddled Bird…

  1. WordPress deleted not only your comment, but my reply. In its place, they put some silly congratulations badge! What I was saying….was that both pics were taken hand held. I hardly ever carry a tripod, since most of my pics are snapped from the car window. I Sometimes need to switch the engine off at full zoom and when the view is hazy. When I went camera hunting, I looked at all my “best” pics and noticed most of them were between 200mm and 400mm. The Olympus I had then, zooms to 800mm with an option for further digitally, but in practice, photos taken at full zoom were blurred. The FZ1000 is compact enough to fit in the middle console of the car for easy access when driving about; quick to get ready to take a shot (game don’t hang around waiting for your camera to start up and focus!!) and yet takes pretty good pics. I had a pocket size panasonic and really struggled deciding on this slightly larger camera. Im told the Sony and its Panasonic equivalent are excellent. However, having got this one, I am very happy with it

    • Yes, that is exactly what I thought at the time. He sort of wandered about as if confused! Maybe would just like to find a dry spot – after all, he is a tick bird, not a duck!

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