Aloes in Manicaland…

The aloes were flowering when we worked in Manicaland recently. Below is a ‘natures garden’ at a rather unspectacular place called Kudziwa.P1190533

The church, where we surveyed for water, is on the top of a granite kopjie. The bright aloes will be faded when the Msasa come out (very soon!)


Below, taken at the Vumba Botanical gardens…


Out walking in the Vumba, I spied that bright red dot clinging precariously to the side of a granite kopjie:P1210213

Closer inspection! (Dontcha just LOVE the plant in the foreground – I’d describe it as ‘frazzled’ how I feel, on occasion!)P1210214



Taken overlooking Mozambique…P1210232Imagine how pleased we were to stay at a (lovely place called Outside Inn) in the Vumba with aloes in prolific flower in the garden. This is the view from the front veranda.


The bird is a bonus.


P1210407This is the entrance to ‘Outside Inn’ – only a few kilometre from the Leopard Rock Hotel. It’s a cute little cottage (three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plenty firewood and all to ourselves for $50.00 per night!!!)


15 thoughts on “Aloes in Manicaland…

    • We were lucky to see them, but I admit I would rather have seen the Msasa!!! Well, in the Makoni/Rusape area anyway – I don’t think they featuer much in the Vumba with all those huge trees – I was in seventh heaven

  1. Beautiful and very resonant – we so enjoyed these fabulous photos, plus the mention of ‘Outside Inn’ which we’ll explore for any future visits back to our home town!

    • Home town! You lucky thing! We had a great time at ‘Outside Inn’ and so cleverly named. Horse riding was also available nearby it Hiku (sp?) but since I was worried about taking my camera on a horse I didn’t know, I passed on that one. Like you….next time!

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