Nyamuziwa Falls, Nyanga…

This water was cold!!!


And the day was rather misty…



I’m a little scared of heights, and the cliffs are pretty steep.


The wild-flowers are lovely near the falls…


These (below) were like a dried arrangement.


Some pretty odd ones too!





7 thoughts on “Nyamuziwa Falls, Nyanga…

  1. Stunning photography …… Beautiful and succinct …. nothing left to say … it all speaks for itself … thank you for sharing Franie ..
    Looking forward to the next … Peace and blessings Sue

  2. I was taken to this spot by Dr Meyer de Kock to do trout fishing and spent a very happy day wading up and down the river casting for trout. I did not catch any trout but Meyer did. We finished the afternoon by looking at the falls. Happy days.

    • I didn’t see any trout, although Im not sure if my eye could pick one out in the dark shadows. (Wow, Id have loved to photograph one of them!) Usually I dont like the cold, but for some reason, the cold in the Eastern Highlands was different – it was bearable. I waded in the water here, it was freezing, but great fun. We were the only ones at the falls, which for me, is always a bonus – if people arrive, I leave! Thank you for adding your experience at Nyamuziwa Falls to my blog

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