Along the Penhalonga Rd…

We chose to take the scenic route to Mutare from Juliasdale! This pic (below) was taken soon after we turned off onto the Penhalonga Rd.


Love the lone store in the distance.



Had to take a “nature break” and found these flowers!



This pic (below) was taken just after we left La Rochelle


Dontcha love the tree?


Farming area near Mutare town




27 thoughts on “Along the Penhalonga Rd…

    • Thanks – we were very lucky to get these pics – we were up in the Eastern Highlands for several weeks and had a few pretty dismal days where it rained and the mist hung low! Not good for photography. This day was our โ€œoffโ€ day and luckily for us it was lovely

    • Thanks – I thought of you several times when I came across some odd looking plant! Probably something awfully common! The vegetation is very different to what Iโ€™m used to here in Mat’land

  1. Thank you, Frankie – just gorgeous! I lived in Umtali from 1964 – 73 and it will always have a very special place in my heart.

  2. Oh! My goodness you have really captured the beauty of the eastern highlands.
    I was born in “Umtali” & my father bought land near the Pungwe Gorge (Brackenridge) & built a beautiful country cottage there near the water. We drove out there so many times so I almost know that road backwards! Beautiful. Thank you. Valerie

  3. What a lovely selection – the one with the house and hills my best. Oh the dusty road…sigh . The thin tar one….sigh xx

  4. Thanks for sharing – we really miss the place – all the lovely memories that you pictures bring back are priceless. xx

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