La Rochelle


Is near Penhalonga, not far from Mutare. The house is very nice, but it was the gardens and the trees that I could have spent days photographing!



The aloes were out…wow!







7 thoughts on “La Rochelle

    • This is VERY far my usual bush country! Its very different here, more than six hundred kilometres from home! Rains are plentiful here and the season much longer than Matabeleland. Well worth a visit  

  1. Oh my word – look at those Aloes – for some reason La Rochelle keeps bringing lovely jam to mind. Wonder when we were there I enjoyed the local jam 🙂

    • La Rochelle Jam was actually produced in Esigodini (back then called Essexvale) on Paul’s Farm! So you were not wrong on the jam! I tell you where you can buy lovely Jams… at Froggy Farm in Juliasdale where we stayed with Terry Dawson whom I met on FB!

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