Long long ago…

In a far away place…


There were kids who wore no shoes – ran free under the big blue skies, rode on the back of open vehicles, climbed trees and clambered over rocks.

Sure they got skinned knees, stubbed toes, occasional broken bones, but they were happy! They are still to be found, right here, in Matabeleland.


Africa is not for sissies!

I took this pic at a recent classic car event held in Bulawayo. All assembled in town and drove as a convoy to the Matopos. I got wonderful photos against the rocks. I cheated, used the sepia function, trying to recreate days gone by…


Matopos had roads built early on – Rhodes loved the place – and I can easily imagine in days gone by, a Model T Ford “runabout” like this one above, driving away!


This one (above) taken on the old strip road to Matopos.


The Model A, pictured above, a tough little guy – made it up this steep slope, near Maleme Dam with ease. (I ran DOWN this slope, following these cars with ease!!!)


10 thoughts on “Long long ago…

  1. What can I say? You have a good photographic eye as I’ve told you before and you have demonstrated here that your skills are not confined to photos of trees. Briiliant!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey – I LOVE trees!
      You know, I’d decided to spend the day in bed – catching up on blogs, chats with friends…until I heard about this drive to the Matopos…instead I climbed a kopjie, hung out of the car taking pics of the Model A, more pics of the sunset on the way home….whew!
      What a blast!
      Oh P.S. – I used the tripod – I set the camera up on the bend just before the entrance to the park and shot the cars as they rounded the bend and over the little bridge – I bet I could have hand held – but hey, it looked much more professional! Actually I think they got fed up with my camera in their faces all day and were glad when I buzzed off to climb a mountain!
      Thanks for your visit and encouragement and speshly your comment!

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