On the Zambezi River

On the Zambezi RiverSunrise on the Zambezi (above)

On the Zambezi River

On the Zambezi RiverA little later the colours change to deep blue, indigo and brilliant green.

On the Zambezi RiverThese two pics (above and below) are taken of the Zambian side of the Zambezi. Fishermen; women collecting water, children playing.

On the Zambezi River

The Zambezi is very low at the moment and the people who live along the banks take advantage of the dropping water levels to plant crops, right up to the water’s edge.

On the Zambezi River


4 thoughts on “On the Zambezi River

  1. Even if I don’t leave a comment your photos make my day and bring back lovely memories. I see that you are now feeling comfortable with your new camera, so that it has become an extention of yourself!

    • Many thanks for your visit and comment – Im very comfortable with it now – I am even beginning to experiment with some of the harder to master features available. Its  magic camera – easy to hold, change the functions with one hand. However, I admit that most of my pics are shot on “auto!”

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