I’ve been working on my portraiture again…Meet Milo, my sister’s dog.

SpecialMilo, of mixed heritage, is all character…(cos) Everything is wrong – he was meant to have longer legs – his tail bends over his back and when he looks up, his ears look like that strange character in Lord of the Rings. He has never let any of these trifles block his path into our hearts though!

MiloOld and fat, he is getting on…

MiloHe had a stroke recently and walks a little lopsided. Sometimes, when you call him, he bounds up, aiming for you and then something takes control, and whoopsie, he heads off to one side!

Poor old guy – he is a treasured member of the family and has brought lots of joy and laughter to his home.


9 thoughts on “Milo…

  1. What an adorable chap. Variety is the spice of life & he has it. Bless his heart. These animals do creep up on us and pull the heart strings ❤

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