Rocks and trees in the Matopos…

Matopos has amazing trees, all twisted in amongst the rocks

Rocks and Trees in the MatoposAnd the colours on the rocks!!!

Rocks and Trees in the MatoposHow do these trees GET up there!

Rocks and Trees in the Matopos


5 thoughts on “Rocks and trees in the Matopos…

  1. Wind-blown seeds or the result of bird droppings? My husband lived in Bulawayo from the mid 1950s while in the Rhodesia and Nyasaland Army stationed at Llewellin Barracks. At one te had a small farm bordering the Matopos. The trees growing on the rocks are, of course, figs. The one with the yellow bark is possibly Ficus sycomorus. The Matopos is wonderful, as are your photos.

    • Dang, that is SO practical – I closed my eyes and imagined a tree, climbing, root by root, slowly up that cliff face – eventually deciding “I like this place…I think Ill stay here for the next 500 years!)
      Your husband is very lucky – those farms around the Matopos are beautiful. Our gardener lives a few hundred metres from Diana’s Pools – its absolutely stunning – I keep suggesting we do a swop!
      You know what I love about the Matopos? You can never even possibly get to the end of exploring it – we like to stop at any old little outcrop when we visit the Matopos, climb up it and then explore all around. These days, I take photos and that too gives a different perspective…I hope they don’t become too repetitive!
      Thank you for your encouragement – I love to take photos and I love sharing them.

  2. They do survive and a symbol of making do and still surviving. The top one reminds me of a hand reaching for air, water and life.

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