The power of trees never ceases to amaze me…

Atlas ShruggedLong long ago, this tree was a little seedling like the one below – it started growing in a crack and eventually pushed the whole rock over!

Atlas ShruggedAtlas ShruggedSoon the rock will slip off!

Atlas ShruggedAll these photos were taken in the Matopos recently


14 thoughts on “Atlas…

  1. It always seems to be the power in water but here plant life rules the day. Around the corner from me, every year, 2 Poppy plants squeeze out of the tarmacked pavement and put on a brave show. Tenacity there and here.

      • Yes – those too – mahoosa devils things, nasty paper ones, wag-n-bietjies – I located/ran into…them all. Found a rake in camp and dragged the camp clean, throwing all that type stuff in the fire.

      • The worst dibbeljies I ever saw were in a place called Mkoka – which is in Gokwe area. Not only did they have great big ones with two doomma thorns sticking up – about three other small varieties abounded. At least the big ones could easily be seen – there is nothing worse than making the bed and brushing one of those thorns into your hands. They got everywhere! Pity there was no snow – those thorns, imbedded in our tyres when we left Mkoka Clinic, would have been better than chains!

      • 🙂 they are huge. In Thabazimbi I stood on one of those in my flipflops – shot 10 foot high much to the amusement of the guys. Took weeks to heal. Yes they would make punishment tools as well as snow tyres…

      • Fly 9th Sept – Jhb, PE, Kragga Kamma, Addo, Bedford, Mossel Bay, Hermanus, Wellington & fly out of Cape Town. Thorns will have to be next north trip next year.

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