Samahuru Clinic…

We got lost on our way…what fun. This clinic is not very far from the Gwayi Conservancy! Waaaay past Tsholotsho. Although we measured the distance very carefully on the satellite image, knowing the roads are not marked….we overshot by a few kilometre and had to ask the way. Of course someone offered to go with us….if we would just stop off at her house to collect her bag….if we could kindly pass by her friends house too! P1080785The roads are a little hard to follow, since they go around pans – cross over each other! Peter out…Samahuru ClinicBut the trees – are drool material! Samahuru ClinicSamahuru ClinicAfter wondering about for a while, we came upon this dip and immediately knew where we were – cos it shows up clearly on the satellite image – just down the road from the clinic and schools.P1080738P1080708A short drive to the clinic from there…P1080684Imagine being lucky enough to live along this road! P1080686The SDA (Seventh Day Adventist Church) built this clinic and the two schools nearby. (Don’t you love that tree!)P1080690Lets hope they get water here!


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