Gokwe North is a pretty hot place and baobabs LOVE that! Below are a few pics of these giants:

BaobabsThis is taken along a reasonably busy path that links the borehole with the villages – kids play soccer…mums carry water buckets on their heads – sisters carry clothes for washing.BaobabsBaobabsThey remind me a little of elephants! The pachyderms of the tree world…



8 thoughts on “Baobabs…

    • ONE tree in the whole of Gokwe (that we saw) had leaves! We coudnt find any reason why it would have but not any of the others – Ill post a pic of it soon! They also have beautiful flower – Ill try to get a pic of them when they come out (need a zoom lens – its far, far up there!) Thanks for the visit and comment

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