This pic was taken driving back from a place called Hogo Plains in the Somabhula area of the Midlands. It was pretty dark when I took this photo – I’d already switched on my lights!

Hogo Plains

Intrigued by the name Somabhula, I found various derivations of the name: that it was the name of a local Chief (I heard his name was Somnambula.)

I also came across this: shamaburo, referring to a renowned elephant hunter of this name;  shama “wonder at” and buro – “the sharp stick used in a game pit”; alternatively, buru, corruption of the English word bull.

Who knows. What I DO know about Somabhula is that its flat, flat flat…except for this mountain range that sticks out of the flat plain!

SomabhulaIncidentally, we found water at Hogo Plains…lots and lots of lovely water!



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