When the survey team are doing their thing…I either sit writing (typing on my laptop) or walking around taking photos. I can’t go VERY far, because I’m the designated driver, but since a survey usually takes about two hours, I can have a reasonable ramble in the vicinity…on this occasion, surveying at Nwazi, I saw a TREE…

Spend any time, here at my blog, you won’t miss that I love trees and have hundreds of photos…The survey line crossed perpendicular to a quartzy mound, the hope that we would find water somewhere in that softer material. Of course with water surveying, ‘hope’ being the operative word! Sticking right out at the top…this tree:


I struggled over until it towered over me…

Tree I think humans NEED to look up and see this view – I think its hardwired into our brains – if we cant see this from time to time, that good ol’ ‘reset’ button doesnt get pressed!

I communed for a little under here – I think its old and  has seen plenty…


And eventually hauled my self up and went for a ramble up a hillside opposite. Looking back:



4 thoughts on “Tree…

  1. As I’ve told you before I’m also a tree fan and I’ve tried to join sites to help me identify them – also for my hunting stories but alas all need “joining” fees!! This looks like a wild fig – perhaps someone can confirm?.. And a lovely speciman!! Previouisly I mentioned 2 very large trees at Matopos dam and asked if they still exist… When next out that way let me know if you remember!! Happy snapping!!

  2. What a Beautiful tree! I also reckon it’s seen some stuff.
    (I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s a fig. I’ll try to find out and let you know …)

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