Baobabs in Gwanda…

I don’t remember there being so many baobabs in Gwanda area! Maybe I just noticed because they are shedding their leaves.


Baobabs can grow HUGE! These ones are still babies!


This one, (below) is reasonably big and I like the Mangwe trees (One of the terminalia!!) in the front add a lovely silvery colour to the picture.


This one, (below) is right on the side of the Tuli road…



4 thoughts on “Baobabs in Gwanda…

    • I think that is why we noticed them. We did a survey very close to this a year or so ago, and I didnt notice there were THAT many! Im guessing this time, it was because the leaves are just changing colour.
      They are interesting trees that is forshuwa…!

  1. A firm favourite of mine and here you give me a smorgasbord of pictures. The last picture would have me coming to a halt & rushing over to hug it. The third my favourite – it towers over the surroundings. Look at me. x

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