1956 Ford Prefect

Driving through Nswazi communal land, looking for views of the magnificent Matopos, I found this:

1954 Ford PrefectJust goes to show its all in the light. A day or two later, I passed back that way, and hardly noticed this old wreck!

Often I’m driving when the light is best: early morning and late evening. We do borehole surveys, and on many occasions have our clients with us in the car! Hardly professional to stop and take photos on their coin! (Although our Matabele clients are usually the most casual of fella’s and love looking at the photos!)

This image, however, was taken in very bright mid afternoon sun!

Surveying for boreholes is often boring work (for me!!) and I HAVE to find myself something to do! I simply can’t sit still! If Im not tramping about looking for photo opportunities, I prop my laptop on the steering wheel and write! I did most of the editing of Silk Threads this way!

Please visit my writing blog here: Frankie Kay where I post silly little stories to practice my writing. You will also find links to my books there.


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