Lilac-breasted roller …

or (ifefe) in isiNdebele. When I was a kid, I was told it was King Lobengula’s special bird and no one was allowed to harm it or wear the feathers. Now reading the internet, it appears the ban began with King Mzilikazi!

Lilac-breasted roller

I find it difficult to photograph birds when they have the bright African sky behind them. So, I washed out the sky and then had to darken the bird a little. Next I want to try some of the features of my camera that pin point the light metering…

Lilac-breasted roller

Against the dark grass, I had less of a problem. But how often do they oblige? they are usually found in trees or on powerlines. These birds are nice for a beginner photographer, messing about with settings – they sit and watch you for ages!

Lilac-breasted roller

This is the classic ‘ififi’ stance I remember from when I was  kid.


9 thoughts on “Lilac-breasted roller …

    • They are – the colours SO African, brilliant in the strong light! We used to have them in the lands when we were farming. They would find a perch and watch when the insects flew up disturbed by the tractor.

      On 22 March 2015 at 13:21, Frankie Kay Foto's wrote:


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